Providing biotech fluid process solutions for upstream and downstream processes including single use systems, tubing and connectors (single use and stainless steel), filtration products, pumps, hoses, custom process skids, isolators and pass-through systems, cleaning and more. 

​​J2Biosystems proudly works with the following companies

Single use connectors, sampling tubes, cap assemblies, custom tubing assemblies, and more. Best in class vendor of service and support
Quattroflow pumps and pump chambers, hoses, sterile assemblies, custom aseptic products. Most loved pumps in the industry
2D and 3D single use bags, bag manifolds, and tubing sets. Low cost manufacturing model will take a bite out of your bag costs
Filtration products: membrane discs, disc capsules, cartridges, disposable capsules, vent filters, syringe filters, and more. Global life sciences filtration supplier
Single use and hybrid skids for bioreactors, chromo, filtration, etc. Custom solutions
Stainless steel fittings and tubing, regulators and valves. Gets it done right.
CIP systems, transfer panels, HTST systems, and sprayballs. Nobody has done it longer or better
Tanks, pressure vessels, agitators, tank field repair, and platforms

We identify technology, training, and processes to take your help your process team achieve the next level. 

We are always happy to quote, happier to get the order, and happiest when client is fully satisfied

J2Biosystems works closely with clients to provide efficient process solutions, including single use technologies, filtration, CIP systems, and custom process skids   


Sales Philosophy

J2Biosystems network helps clients from all disciplines develop great solutions for their process needs